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Fine artist Sinwyn will tell something about herself in the paragraphs below. Sinwyn is a 23 year old, hardworking, talented, upcoming fine artist from The Netherlands. Her eccentric lifestyle adds up to the exclusive artwork she makes. Her art tells a story like never told before.
I was born on the first of March in Hilversum, The Netherlands. I began drawing early and for a child it was very detailed. I kept on drawing and doing crafts my whole childhood. As a teen I discovered painting with acrylic paint, and was sold, this is what I loved doing. In my last year of highschool I had to choose the next study. Art school came to mind, but since we didn't have much money when growing up I decided I wanted to do something that I could make a living with, so I've put art aside and I chose to do another study. After highschool I went to fashion school, cause I wanted to keep a creative job, but with somewhat more possibilities of having a future. But sewing and drawing patterns wasn't my thing after all, I always loved the final product that I made, but not the process.

So when I lost interest I decided maybe I should use my brain, and started a study of Pedagogy, which I followed a year but also wasn't my thing. Even though it wasn't my thing I learned a lot, especially about psychology, which for me also adds value to my art. I love experimenting with psychological skills when it comes to my art, how people will react and if it was anything like I expected it to happen. I quit Pedagogy, and decided it was time to start doing what I love doing and what I do best. Making art, and not to worry about the future so much. Taking things as they come. I signed up for art school and I got in.

With art I really feel like I can put a lot of passion in there, cause it's something that lies so close to the heart. I can express everything I want in a painting, my art fills up with emotions, emotions I feel at that time get into the process, into the soul of the artwork. Every piece has it's own soul, you get emotionally binded with your pieces. And I hope people who see my art also get the same feeling with my art as I do. To me, art is all about emotions.

When I work, I like to use a lot of different materials, like metal, wood, plastic, cloth, paint, etc. For conceptual art I often make something from ready-made materials, but then use them in an uncontroversial way. So people will have to think about and discuss what the meaning is after such a piece, hoping they will someway find the same road I've been traveling while making the piece.

As an artist I also find inspiration from other artists, my biggest inspiration source is music. I love all sorts of music, from all sorts of era's. I've been raised with heavy metal and Motown, my father listened to heavy metal and my mother loved Motown and soul. Being raised with music as a high priority gave me interests in a lot of different musical styles. What I like listening also depends on my mood. As for art, I like music that goes deeper into the soul, and isn't so superficial, if I can lose myself into the music, I can lose myself better into the art. Music is an important factor in my art, and will always be.

For the future I got many many goals, but my biggest dream (or goal) has been moving to America one day, I've always loved America and since I could talk I've been talking about America. One day not too long from now, I will move to America, but for now it'll stay with dreaming.

I absolutely love making art, taking pictures, traveling and meeting new people. And I hope my future will bring me much more of that.



March 19, 2010